If you’re under pressure from a Vulture Fund on your family home, we might be able to help. We purchase your home, freeing up cash to settle with the fund and have your debt extinguished. We immediately give you a long lease so you continue to live there with all that debt hanging over you gone. We give you the right to buy back your home from us in the future and tell you that price from day one. The difference between this price and the current market value of your home is your implied equity under our arrangement with you.

If you pay us rent in excess of the base amount quoted, then your equity will increase over time and if you pay a sufficient amount you will eventually have the right to buy your home back for €1.

You don’t have to offer the Vulture Fund the full amount especially if your current debt on the property is lower than its value or you can offer them more if you have the funds; it’s up to you. We’ll create a specific plan for you at the appropriate time.

How the calculator works

Please enter an estimate of the current market value of your home. That will produce four numbers as follows:

  1. • The amount of cash we can generate for you to settle with the Vulture Fund to clear the debt on your family home.
  2. • The price you can buy back the home from us in the future.
  3. • The implied equity you have on day one.
  4. • Your base monthly rental amount.


Enter your details below to see what your monthly rent might be.

Please note: this calculator is only intended as a guide and does not constitute an offer.